Tailored Solutions

We’re keen to hear about what’s working in your community and the particular challenges you face. We’d like to work with you to connect you and your arts and cultural leaders to a global network of change makers and place your community firmly in the future. 



Individual support

Our programs inject ideas, tools and support at all levels of the cultural ecosystem from independent artist and entrepreneurs to arts professionals, CEOs and boards of longstanding cultural institutions. They enable leaders to tap into an international network that will broaden perspectives and help them take a fresh look at challenges and opportunities in their community. Connections to these networks give the community a voice in wider conversations about the future of the arts and culture field.

The following programs offer opportunities for individual sponsorship—providing tuition and travel support. For partners interested in sponsoring tuition for multiple participants in our individual advancement programs, discounted rates are available.


Layered-learning experiences

Our layered-learning programs combine on-demand online courses, focused facilitated discussions and tailored exercises that allow teams of learners to quickly make the jump from theory to practice. This approach helps individuals take advantage of in-depth training and working sessions without neglecting their professional commitments.


layered learning

On-demand community seminars

When organizations need to build a new website, design an exhibit space or even drive a capital campaign, they can turn to consultants. But there are fundamental decisions — about programming, audiences, financial plans, staff — that can never be handed off to an outsider. Our on-demand community seminars give organizational teams the time and tools to create these critical answers.

NAS partners with communities to customize one- to three-day seminars for up to sixty individuals. Each of these seminars is an intensive working session that helps organizations make sense of challenges and find new ideas. They bring the best management teaching in the country directly into communities.


We also work with partners to build one-day custom Days of Learning focused on exploring and applying three or four frameworks or tools that are best suited to your specific challenges.

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