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Business of Arts & Culture

A keen understanding of your organization's financial drivers is critical to effective leadership – and one that cannot be delegated. You have to be able to identify and obtain the ideal mix of revenues, make decisions about how to use your scarce resources and tell your stakeholders how your organization creates value.

This seminar will teach your team how to examine your business model so that you can make decisions that will strengthen your organization in any economic environment. 

How you will benefit

This seminar will give your leadership team the tools and understanding to make more effective and sustainable financial decisions. By the end of this seminar you will be able to:

  • Craft financial strategies that most strongly support mission and organizational achievement
  • Identify the critical revenue, cost, and risk factors that are driving overall financial performance
  • Use financial numbers to predict effects on mission and organizational achievement

What to expect

This two-day seminar will engage your team in a series of class discussions to give you a more nuanced and mission-focused understanding of financial strategy.

Who should attend

Finance is intended for senior managers and board members involved in strategic decisions for your arts or cultural organization. This seminar does not require any specialized financial training. In putting together your team for this seminar, we recommend that you consider:

  • Senior management team members involved in strategic decision-making and who have ultimate responsibility for financial decisions of the organization
  • Board members who are particularly interested in helping position the organization for the future