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Digital strategies


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Do you have a vision for a digitally-enabled organization? Or are you chasing a collection of tactics? At Digital Strategies, you will learn to integrate digital marketing, social media and digital program initiatives to better advance your mission and deliver organizational results.  Working with your team, you will examine your current social media and digital initiatives, explore ways to set them on a stronger course and discover new ways to use digital technologies to create a deeply engaged community of patrons and donors.

How you will benefit

In this seminar, you will explore a strategic approach for setting objectives, developing plans, creating programs and tracking results for audience-facing digital initiatives (digital marketing, social media and digital programs). Digital Strategieswill give you new tools to:

  • Understand how cultural organizations are using digital programs and marketing to advance their missions so that you can employ these tools in your own work
  • Design digital initiatives to attract new patrons and donors, strengthen existing relationships and enhance the customer experience your organization provides
  • Tackle the financial, organizational and cultural constraints that often trip up new digital ideas
  • Leverage digital marketing and programs to drive results in development, membership, visitor experience, marketing and communications and public access to your programs
  • Assess the benefits, risks and costs of digital initiatives so that you can better budget and measure results

What to expect

This two-day seminar engages your team in class discussions, team-based activities and case studies to help your team develop objectives, strategies and tactics for digital marketing and technology-enabled programs. Attending Digital Strategies provides an opportunity to build a common vision across departments, executives and staff — from technology superstars to novices.

Who should attend

Effective digital initiatives require much more than the tactical execution of today’s leading social media technologies.  They require strategic direction from senior-level management and integration with the core functional areas of programming, visitor experience, development, marketing, communications and customer service.  Digital Strategies is designed for teams of senior managers who may or may not be familiar with today’s latest technologies. We recommend that you consider a senior-level team of three or more for this seminar that includes:

  • Your senior-level program, management and board leadership
  • The directors of your marketing, development and outreach teams