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You compete to attract and retain employees who have rising expectations for financial compensation, quality of work environment, and advancement opportunities. This seminar shows you how to structure your organization and manage its culture in ways that attract great people, make the most of your available resources, and accelerate mission achievement.

How you will benefit

Managing People explores leading thinking in strategic human-resource management. You learn to think more systematically and strategically about using your organization’s greatest resource – its people – by developing a thriving organizational culture and a stronger organization. Key lessons include:

  • Linking strategy and human-resource management
  • Aligning human-resource practices across an organization
  • Designing organizations that can adapt to changing environments

What to expect

This two-day seminar will engage your team through the use of in-depth class discussions, case studies and team exercises that will help your align your people and your strategy.

Who should attend

Managing People examines organizational culture and organization-wide systems that are essential to meeting your strategic goals. To get the most from this seminar, we recommend that your team include:

  • Your top management executives
  • Your senior-level program and administrative staff


Board members are welcome, but are not generally recommended for this seminar, given its focus on internal organizational design. We recommend that board members only attend if invited by staff leadership, and if they are currently involved in internal decisions on organizational design.