Change Network

North Dakota


Creating change, together.

Across the region, people have thoughtful ideas about helping their communities and organizations thrive. Learn tools and skills needed to bring people together, and join a support network encouraging the creation of long-lasting change.

North Dakota Change Network is a year-long cohort study program designed to share techniques and build networks giving individuals skills to help make their communities accessible and welcoming to everyone. It will prepare you to be a strong leader, one who can successfully bring together individuals with different skills, values, beliefs, and understandings to create and maintain positive change within your state.

About the Program

North Dakota Change Network is comprised of online courses and three convenings – two in-person and one online. Online learning features a combination of self-directed lessons, interactive activities, and discussion groups designed to maximize your ability to learn as you participate. During convenings, you will have opportunities to build lasting connections with your cohort while gaining new tools and frameworks from content experts and leading faculty from universities across the United States.


Through this challenging and supportive environment, you will enhance your self-awareness, leadership skills, and abilities to implement systems change.

Who Should Join Change Network?

You see…

opportunities for your organization and community to recognize the power of having diverse talent and feel welcoming and equitable to all.

You want…

to learn new skills and discuss ideas that will help you become a strong leader and work on real change in your community.

You’ll gain…

training, advise, and mentoring from industry experts, receiving guidance on your project as you work to realize your goal.

You’ll join…

a network of change makers from North Dakota and Native nation communities dedicated to assisting one another in their work.


JUN 17, 2022:

Application deadline

AUG 2022:

North Dakota Change Network Cohort Announced

SEP 17 – 19, 2022:

In-person convening, Bismarck, North Dakota (North Dakota & South Dakota cohorts)

OCT 2021 – JAN 2022:

Remote monthly intersession meetings and online learning activities

JAN 20 – 21, 2023:

Virtual convening (North Dakota cohort)

FEB – JUN 2023:

Remote monthly intersession meetings and online learning activities

JUL – SEP 2023:

North Dakota Change Network grant check-in and next steps

SEP 13 – 15, 2023:

In-person convening, Location TBA in South Dakota (North Dakota & South Dakota cohorts)


Attendance at the three North Dakota Change Network convenings is mandatory. If necessary, participants must have workplace approval of their paid time off to attend in-person convenings and occasional daytime phone calls. Mileage driven to and from the in-person convenings will be reimbursed. Should you need additional support for accessibility or transportation, or if maintaining a stable internet connection during the online convening presents an issue, please let us know. Options are available.


The Change Network team places the health of participants at the utmost importance. For all in-person convenings, the Change Network will follow state and city guidelines of the convening location. We strongly encourage that all in-person attendees be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. For all in-person attendees, the Change Network will require proof of a negative diagnostic test (commonly referred to as a PCR test) that is performed within 72 hours prior to the start of the event.


Please note that convening dates and/or locations may be subject to change in order to accommodate any guidelines, mandates, and best practices concerning COVID-19 at the time of the event.

Your Champion

To ensure your success in the program, you are required to have support from at least one individual in your current network. This person should be able to offer wisdom, support and have expertise to help you influence and implement change in your organization and/or community.


This person will be your Champion and may be a board member, supervisor, elder or expert in your organization or a partner organization. Your Champion will not be expected to attend in-person meetings, but will be asked to participate in occasional calls with you and one of our program facilitators.

Project Grants

Participants in North Dakota Change Network will have the opportunity to apply for a small grant, up to $5,000, to assist a project (ongoing or new) which impacts the individual’s organization or community in positive and significant ways.

Program Cost

North Dakota Change Network is free to participants. The program’s expenses, which include accommodations and meals at each of the two in-person convenings, program materials, online learning, coaching, and support, are completely underwritten and represent a $16,500 investment in each participant.

The Network’s Impact

Change Network alumni have used the knowledge and leadership skills they’ve gained in the program to work on powerful change in their organizations and communities. Take a look at some of the incredible projects they’re working on.


Our Partnership

Our diverse team of leaders hail from North Dakota, Minnesota, Oklahoma, and Virginia and brings the cohort cross-sector insights, expertise and resources. We intentionally work collaboratively and role model the behaviors that we want our leaders to demonstrate. The result and intent is to provide a safe and supportive environment for our leaders to experience and extend empathy, compassion, care, understanding, and tools that create lasting and meaningful change within your organizations and communities.