About NAS

We build and support
a diverse community
of cultural leaders
who drive inspiring
change for the future.

Established in 1983, NAS has trained and supported more arts and culture leaders than any other organization.

We provide access to invaluable academia and opportunities. We mix skillsets and mindsets. We broaden perspectives and networks. We remove silos and open doors. We push boundaries and what’s possible.

More than ever, society needs art, culture and creativity to challenge, connect and elevate. That’s why we continue to fuel diverse, inspirational leaders as they shift their careers, organizations and communities.

Our Guiding Principles

Our team is united by our core values that shape and guide our work.

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Inequity is an injustice that we must do everything within our power to address. We actively choose diverse cohorts and work directly with leaders and communities to shift mindsets and conversations and provide tools to address imbalances.


Difficult conversations are an essential part of meaningful change, and the force that drives action. Our long-term support helps the visionary leaders of today and tomorrow have the important and sometimes challenging discussions that enable more potent strategic decisions.

accessible rigor

With new strategies and skills, leaders can more effectively challenge existing processes and methods. We develop and deliver programming in partnership with leading thinkers and academics, chosen for their relevance, rigor and reputation.

contrasting connections

Bringing together unlike leaders from a diverse range of disciplines, geographies and roles yields powerful results: wide-ranging networks and unexpected partnerships that spark transformative change.

Strategic Disruption

During times of social and political uncertainty, leaders re-think their relevance, business models and impact. We give them entrepreneurial tools to examine, test and implement new approaches.