About NAS

We build and support a diverse community of arts and culture leaders who drive inspiring change for the future.

NAS' mission is to build and support a diverse community of arts and culture leaders who drive inspiring change for the future. We envision a world in which everyone working in arts and culture is empowered with equitable access to resources and connected within thriving networks that benefit all people and our planet.

To make our mission and vision a reality, we offer professional development opportunities, coaching, and a powerful network to arts and culture leaders at every stage of their careers. Established in 1983, NAS has trained and supported more arts and culture leaders than any other organization in the field.

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Our Design Principles

Our team is united by our core values that shape and guide our work.

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If we don’t work to dismantle inequity, we become complicit in it. That’s why we design our programs to be accessible to all, actively engage partners and participants in marginalized communities, and bring equity work into all of our programs. 


Tough dialogue is an essential part of meaningful change, and the force that drives action. We offer visionary leaders of today and tomorrow the tools and support to have the important and sometimes challenging discussions that enable more potent strategic decisions.


With new strategies and skills, leaders can more effectively challenge existing processes and methods. We develop and deliver programming in partnership with leading thinkers and academics, chosen for their relevance, rigor and reputation.


Bringing together unlike leaders from a diverse range of disciplines, geographies and roles yields powerful results: wide-ranging networks and unexpected partnerships that spark transformative change.

Strategic Disruption

In times of social, political, and economic uncertainty, there is greater opportunity for change. We give leaders the tools, support, and space to critically reimagine their business models, impact, and roles in their communities.