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strategic governance


Business of Arts & Culture

Your organization’s governance practices need to evolve as the organization itself changes. As the work of arts and culture organizations increases in complexity, a gap has emerged between the traditional role of boards and the fresh demands they face. Governance practices can be reoriented to bridge that gap and help organizations become more sustainable and effective. While change is hard, it is possible, and this seminar will help your organization design governance practices that will help it flourish in the face of new challenges.

How you will benefit

Strategic Governance combines concepts, frameworks, and a structured self-evaluation tool to help your organization rethink your approach to governance. You will learn how to create conditions and build relationships that can react to change, contribute to good decisions and, in turn, to good governance. By the end of this seminar you will have:

  • An advanced conception of how boards and executives work together for organizational success
  • A more sophisticated understanding of the functions and elements of governance
  • A framework for analyzing governance performance in an organization
  • An advanced self-evaluation instrument that can be employed for annual evaluation and continued governance improvement

What to expect

This two-day seminar builds upon the results of a survey taken in advance, allowing the content to be focused to the needs of your organization. Case studies, mini-lectures and practical exercises will help your team work together to improve your organization’s governance.

Who should attend

Strategic Governance is inherently a senior-level concern and a collaborative effort. This seminar is only effective with board participation and a team of three or more people. Teams must include at least one board member. To realize the full benefit of the Strategic Governance seminar, your team should include:

  • Your most senior managerial executive
  • Your most senior program or artistic executive
  • Your board chair, committee chairs, and other influential board members