Arts & Culture Strategy


This on-demand course is designed to help arts and culture professionals at any level:

During the course, we will combine an overview of the field and management theory with specific skills and exercises that will help you develop as a leader. The course curriculum is rigorous and the result of an exciting partnership between the University of Pennsylvania and NAS. Instructors, Russell Willis Taylor and Peter Frumkin, Ph.D. lead you on this fun and informative journey.


You’ll define…

your organization’s value and mission.

You’ll learn…

how best to compete and collaborate in your environment.

You’ll build…

a deeper understanding of a leader’s role.

You’ll cultivate…

your personal view of the role arts and culture play in society, the value they create and how to effectively communicate to those both in and outside the field.

Selection Criteria

Enrollment in this on-demand course is free and open to anyone interested in learning more about arts management.



This course is presented on-demand, meaning you can start learning when and where it works for you. Suggested deadlines and a timeline are provided, but this course is designed for you to take at your own pace.


Participation is on an individual basis, but this platform provides a great opportunity for several members of a department or across a department to move through the course together, making time to discuss topics and challenges as a team.