Team seminar

Building evaluation capacity


Business of Arts & Culture

Arts and cultural leaders are always looking for the best ways to accomplish program objectives, understand the experiences of different stakeholders, and identify key indicators of success. Evaluation offers a set of tools and processes for asking and answering these critical questions. It also helps you demonstrate your success and provide critical and timely information to funders and other key stakeholders.

How you will benefit

Building Evaluation Capacity introduces a strategic framework for designing evaluation to meet your unique needs. You learn how evaluation helps you predict and meet future challenges, integrate ideas from across your organization, and improve relationships with key stakeholders. By the end of the seminar, you will be able to:

  • Identify critical evaluative questions for your organization
  • Design and conduct evaluation in practical, creative ways
  • Use results effectively within your organization and with funders
  • Understand how findings can be used for decision-making and action

What to expect

This two-day seminar includes a variety of interactive exercises and class discussions. The faculty will guide your team through a series of activities that will help you rethink your organization’s current evaluation practices and develop a plan to improve how your measure your success.

Who should attend

Creating and implementing an evaluation strategy requires senior-level leadership, and expertise from across an arts or cultural organization. We strongly recommend a team of three or more people; large organizations should consider sending larger teams. In selecting your team, it will be helpful to include:

  • Your senior-level program and management leadership
  • Senior-level development, outreach, marketing, and program staff who are close to stakeholder experiences, interests, and concerns
  • Staff currently involved with evaluation efforts

Board members are welcome, but are not required for this seminar, given its focus on internal processes. We recommend that board members only attend if invited by staff leadership, and if they are currently involved in internal decisions on evaluation.