I know you won’t judge me

Dearest Sanctuaries,  I deeply appreciate the love, compassion, and care with which you treat me.…

You’re the best

Dear Arts Wisconsin, I’m writing this letter to let you know that I love you.…

I am still feeling the same glow

  A patron, artist, writer and poet shares: Dear Carrack Gallery, I’d like to thank…

Dear, Bench Diary

  “Welcome to my backyard! It’s the funniest thing just before I sat down I…

Love, Hate & Design Research

There are some very successful design researchers who routinely ask customers to write love notes or break up notes to their brands. This creative and fun approach can (often unwittingly) get powerful insight into the perceptions of customers.

Arguing for the Arts in Contemporary Society

Think about the folks in your community. Think about what they will do tonight. There…

Everyone’s a Potential Partner: Building Value Together

In this video Laura Zabel shares how she is energized by what’s possible and how looking at opportunities through this frame has opened up resources for Springboard.

Research, Reports & Real People Talking About the Arts (Oh My!)

There’ve been many great responses to today’s posts and there are so many smart people…

Extreme Users: Look Outside the Everyday Audience Member

We’re talking about advocacy for the arts over the next few days. Specifically, what’s our…

If Our Value Were Self-Evident Would We Need Advocates?

You cannot talk about arts advocacy without bringing up the instrumental value of the arts.…

What’s the Matter with “Why the Arts Matter?” 

Arts Advocacy Day is an important event, to be sure. The arts do matter. But, chances are if you’re reading this you’re likely already a believer. Therein lies the problem… or at the very least an opportunity.

On the Value of the Arts

Why do the arts matter at all?  For some, the special characteristic of the arts…

Bringing People Together to Improve the Place They Love

The arts are not accessed through a box office or the doors of a symphony hall in Togo, but rather are encountered in the business of everyday life.

Arts as an Engine of Unrest Or, How the Arts Ruined a Perfectly Good Childhood

For many, the power of arts lies in its ability to bring people joy. For me, art matters because of its ability to do just the opposite.

Everything I Know about Why Art Matters I Learned from My 5-year-old

Why do the arts matter? I think everyone already has the answer to this question inside him- or herself. If the answer does not feel immediately obvious, then perhaps it is just time to reconnect with art.

Why the Arts Matter

In honor of Arts Advocacy Day, we at NAS wanted to pull back the curtain…

Comments We Can’t Ignore

This week, a guest column by Robert Reich entitled “What ‘charity’ should really mean” appeared on the Christian…

Saying What We Mean

Last January, at NAS’ Chief Executive Program convening The New Nature of Relevance, I listened…

What does the convergence of consumer interests, markets and industries mean for cultural organizations?

Patrick McIntyre, General Manager of the Sydney Theatre Company, talks about the increasing pressure to articulate the benefits of the experiences we offer. He suggests that in the new environment content is marketing and that the concept of co-creation is as old as the Gramophone.

Public Service, Advocacy and Institutional Transformation

A provocative post by Nina Simon on Musuem 2.0 discussing the role of museums (or…

Advocating for Arts in the Classroom

Mark Bauerlein has made a truly splendid argument for the real and important intrinsic value of the arts in our education system.