You’re the best

By NAS     Mar 22, 2017
This Arts Advocacy Day, the stakes are much higher. As we work to make the case for the arts, we wonder, is our data keeping pace? We’re using love (or breakup) letters as a creative and fun design research method to get powerful insight into the perceptions of our stakeholders. We invite you to join us in this discovery.
Anne Katz is the Executive Director of Arts Wisconsin, an organization that serves as the voice for the arts throughout the state. Arts Wisconsin believes that everyone, everywhere in Wisconsin should have the opportunity to experience the arts, and that the arts and creativity are vital to enrich lives and sustain healthy, vibrant communities. This letter of love comes from a past intern.

Dear Arts Wisconsin,

I’m writing this letter to let you know that I love you. Your mission and vision to make Wisconsin a creative, cultural hub is so honorable and absolutely necessary. As an individual who also believes that art and creativity are vital aspects of society, our values align completely. In a world where it seems as though arts are undervalued, you point out that everyone (from large cities and smaller villages) benefits from the arts. You understand that creativity and entrepreneurship go hand-in-hand; you highlight facts about the ways investing in creativity is great for the economy, you give resources to working artists, and you advocate for funding for organizations. Most of all, you are tenacious and forward-thinking when it comes to bringing people together to start a dialogue about the arts in Wisconsin communities. You truly care and you believe that change is possible through persistence, education, and continuous advocacy. Thank you so much for putting together events (like Arts Day) and proposals (like Wisconsin Creates) in order to keep Wisconsin moving forward with an agenda that is creative, inclusive, and viable.

You’re the best,


Image CC Kristian Niemi via Flickr