Winter is Coming: What the Culture Sector Needs to Worry About Now

I. Predicting the Unpredictable The former NEA Chair Rocco Landesman says he doesn’t see anything…

You Gotta Know Why

In a discussion with several CEOs of cultural organizations about access, accessibility and community, the conversation kept circling back to the question of “Why?”

Cooking, peaches and tasting the arts

    I am a product of the slow food movement. Kind of. Maybe Diane…

Logic Models

Creative Community Tools National Arts Strategies has developed a set of lessons to help cultural…

Arts as an Engine of Unrest Or, How the Arts Ruined a Perfectly Good Childhood

For many, the power of arts lies in its ability to bring people joy. For me, art matters because of its ability to do just the opposite.

The Possibilities of a Children’s Art Museum

Last weekend my daughter and I spent the morning at the National Zoo. She turns…

Three Strategic Planning Challenges

I’ve found myself thinking about three challenges in strategic planning that we see in our work, and I wanted to release these thoughts into the wild and see what happens.

Becoming Indispensable

Editor’s note:  As part of our online discussion around The Summit at Sundance, we have invited…

Relinquishing Control

Editor’s note: As part of our blog event for The Summit at Sundance, we have…

Online Learning Curve

Spurred by a board chair who was an enthusiastic advocate of online learning, the Loft Literary Center team did some research, ran an experiment and engaged in an in-depth analysis of how online classes would fit into the organization’s vision. The result was a board and staff galvanized around the idea and the funds raised to effect the changes necessary to successfully implement online learning.

Stories from the Field: The Loft Literary Center

The drivers for organizations extending their programming online vary: some pursue new audiences for whom…

The Competing Values Framework

Welcome to the world of the Competing Values Framework – a tool that allows organizations…

Inspiring & Motivating Arts & Culture Teams