Sunny Widmann

Sunny believes that arts participation engenders empathy and builds cross-cultural understanding, and is interested in how the arts work in different communities across the globe. Sunny likes to spend her time practicing yoga with friends, or planning her next great adventure.

Place, process and making your own reservation

How might we ensure the arts are a convener and participant in identifying and addressing important community issues and in community planning? 

Values and What We Do

It’s pretty easy to identify the values of a cultural organization or initiative. Most mention…

Growing the Pie Together: Fostering Giving Networks in the Arts

Over the past nine months, I’ve witnessed something truly remarkable take shape: a network of…

Logic Models

Creative Community Tools National Arts Strategies has developed a set of lessons to help cultural…


Creative Community Tools National Arts Strategies has developed a set of lessons to help cultural…

Design Thinking

Design thinking is an iterative process that helps you move from having a seed of an idea to a plan for experimenting on a small scale. Using design thinking, which is based in the scientific method, helps you question your assumptions and explore a wide range of possible solutions to the problem you are trying to solve.

Systems Mapping

Systems Mapping helps you examine the different people and organizations you might encounter on your way to achieving a certain goal. 

Skunk Works: A Place for Innovation

Does your organization have a Skunk Works®? It should.

Bringing People Together to Improve the Place They Love

The arts are not accessed through a box office or the doors of a symphony hall in Togo, but rather are encountered in the business of everyday life.

Resolve to Take Back Your Time

My life changed when I decided to stop thinking about my schedule as filled with commitments the universe has shackled me to, but rather as choices I’ve consciously made about how I spend my time.

Getting Unstuck: Developing Skills to Climb the Leadership Ladder

My advice to early-career arts managers is not to get stuck waiting around for someone to pass you an opportunity, but to go right out and ask for it

Collaboration is key in D.C.

This post appears as part of the ARTSblog Emerging Leaders Blog Salon, in which emerging leaders…

The Salzburg Global Forum for Young Cultural Leaders

This report of the Salzburg Global Forum for Young Cultural Leaders summarizes the discussion and includes links to video interviews with fellows and a visual diary of the event by fellow and comics artist Paola Gaviria.

Stories from the Field: Measuring Impact

Over the past three or four years that I’ve worked in the US cultural sector,…

Salzburg Global Forum: Some Final Thoughts

We introduced Field Notes as a means of amplifying meaningful conversation. Over the last couple…

Is crisis necessary for change?

  Sometimes, but it’s risky. By Gail Crider Crisis generally means loss of strategic perspective,…

Local Faces: D.C.’s Local and National Art Scene

A panel conversation exploring the unique challenges and opportunities that local arts organizations and artists face when sharing a city with national museums.

Guthrie Theater’s debt to women and diversity

Do nonprofit cultural organizations have a particular responsibility to reach into and represent all parts of the community?  Does the benefit of nonprofit status require us to take more risks than commercial theatre?

Avoiding Messy Breakups: Merger Lessons for Charities

In tough economic times, more and more nonprofits consider mergers. This can be a good move for organizations sliding into the red, such as Virginia Ballet Theatre mentioned in the article.

Take Back Your Attention

In this post, Tony Schwartz gives some helpful hints for maintaining focus.

Why Can’t Kmart Be Successful While Target and Walmart Thrive?

What can arts organizations learn from the successes and failures of these three discount retailers?…