Dallas Shelby

Dallas is a writer and former indie filmmaker. He is interested in community engagement, co-creation, the Edupunk movement and anything DIY.

Love, Hate & Design Research

There are some very successful design researchers who routinely ask customers to write love notes or break up notes to their brands. This creative and fun approach can (often unwittingly) get powerful insight into the perceptions of customers.

Failure… without Platitudes

We talk about the positive consequences of failure as though they are naturally occurring, like your idea blows up in your face and you are suddenly imbued with insight and a blueprint for future success. It just doesn’t happen that way.

Your Value Promise

NAS Director, Dallas Shelby, shares a process that arts and culture organizations can use to define the value they want to create in their communities.

You Gotta Know Why

In a discussion with several CEOs of cultural organizations about access, accessibility and community, the conversation kept circling back to the question of “Why?”

How to Get Lucky (It’s Not What You Think)

We’ve talked about lots of different elements that factor into a career path. We’ve shared words of wisdom, scholarly articles, tools and frameworks. But I think we’ve yet to talk about what is arguably the biggest factor in one’s career… luck

Fastest Route from Point A to Point B, Not Always a Straight Line

Ok. Let’s say you’ve done some soul searching, consulted your family and your most trusted advisors. You can now safely say that you know: 1) where you are and 2) where you want to be. Now what?

Moon Shot: Charting Your Path

This post was originally part of a weeklong exploration of career paths on our ArtsJournal…

How have you engaged your staff to cultivate new leaders?

NAS produces publications, videos and other management tools to inspire those working in the field…

Research, Reports & Real People Talking About the Arts (Oh My!)

There’ve been many great responses to today’s posts and there are so many smart people…

What’s the Matter with “Why the Arts Matter?” 

  What if we tried something different? (I’m not advocating that we stop lobbying congress,…

Creative Placemaking & Cultural Entrepreneurship

One of the perks of working at NAS is the number of incredible leaders we…

Creative Placemaking: A Conversation

Forget for a moment the capital C, capital P proper noun. Let’s talk about the…