How can culture drive strategy?

By     Jan 23, 2013

"Culture eats strategy."

This sentiment is one commonly expressed at executive education programs and among business leaders to convey just how important culture can be to organizational success. Developing an organizational culture that supports your mission and drives your strategy is a task that goes beyond the human resources department. It is the responsibility of leaders across the organization to think about how to create a structure and environment that allows employees to thrive in their roles and ensure that you meet organizational goals.

Managing People is a two-day team seminar that provides an opportunity for an in-depth discussion around your organizational culture, systems and policies and how they are aligned with your mission and strategy. You'll learn from leading management professors and peers from the arts and culture sector during class discussions and case studies, and take away valuable frameworks to help you evaluate your culture and practices.

Managing People will  be held March 21-22 in Chicago. Apply with your team of three-to-five top management executives and senior program and administrative staff by Friday, February 1.

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