The human factor in service design

By    Feb 1, 2012

“The human factor in service design” discusses the importance of understanding what truly motivates your customers as a way to more efficiently and effectively design and deliver services. By identifying which aspects of service the customer does and does not value, companies can make better decisions about how to use existing resources to deliver in key service areas. The McKinsey team introduces three key questions to consider when designing or changing current services and delivery methods: How human is our service?, How economic is our service? and Can our people scale it up? The questions encourage companies to evaluate not only customer needs but the company’s resources, capabilities and economic goals. The group emphasizes implementing and maintaining organization-wide policies and procedures to ensure consistent delivery of service, and that the evaluation of services, delivery and organizational capacity should be conducted by cross-functional, senior-level teams.

This last bit speaks most to our interest in service design as it relates to arts and culture organizations. How does your organization identify customer desires? What steps have you taken to deliver complete and satisfying experiences?

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