Are you comfortable talking about finance?

By     May 24, 2012

Finance can be an intimidating issue for many administrators. Limited budgets and today’s challenging economy affect all areas of an organization, but those outside the finance department often shy away from financial conversations, claiming ignorance of accounting practices or fear of numbers. How we can approach seemingly challenging or stress-inducing financial matters in a way that enables us to make stronger strategic decisions that help ensure mission achievement and organizational effectiveness?

At NAS’ Finance seminar, October 11-12 in Minneapolis, teams will explore these tough and often confusing issues to develop a common understanding of how financial decision-making impacts all areas of their organizations. Participants will learn to identify the critical revenue, cost and risk factors that drive overall financial performance; they will develop their abilities to communicate financial information to donors, board members and other stakeholders in a meaningful and compelling way and they will learn to put together strong financial arguments that reinforce organizational strategy.

Recent Finance attendee Beth Schoeppler, Managing Director of the Loft Literary Center in Minneapolis, shares, “I think the beauty of the finance seminar is that it brings non-finance staff into a greater understanding of the story each budget tells and helps them see finance as a tool for articulating and understanding priorities and making program investment decisions.”

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