NAS and the Getty Leadership Institute: Managing Creativity in the Nonprofit and For-Profit Sectors

By ,    Jun 16, 2004

In June 2004, the Getty Leadership Institute and National Arts Strategies brought together 23 leaders from the nonprofit arts and the for-profit creative sectors to discuss the similarities, differences, and potential intersections between the sectors. The discussion was guided by the fundamental question, “Are there truly two separate creative sectors in the United States – a nonprofit arts sector and a for-profit entertainment sector – or is it more useful to consider one, national creative sector?” This is an especially compelling question to consider today, as both for-profit and nonprofit creative organizations search for ways to create the “elbow room” needed to take creative risks that renew both profits and artistic quality.

Read the background paper commissioned from Adrian Ellis and Sonali Mishra of AEA Consulting, “Managing the Creative — Engaging New Audiences”

Read the synopsis and key findings from the convening put together by NAS Vice President Jim Rosenberg, “Key Findings from “Managing the Creative – Engaging New Audiences”