VUCA is an acronym used to describe situations or environments with high levels of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity.

Finding (my) Place

This month has been about all things place. Where is my place in this fellowship?…

Move ahead smartly?

I was fortunate to be in community this past week with so many other creative…

Creating High-Performing Teams

Paula Caproni, professor of management at the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan, outlines the keys to creating high-performing teams.

Building Cultures of Innovation, Embracing Change and Becoming More Foxy

Editor’s note:  As part of our online discussion around The Summit at Sundance, we have invited…

Creating the 21st Century Board

Editor’s note: Over the next two weeks, we’ll feature posts around the final convening of…

Developing Transformative Employees and Systems

Editor’s note: Over the next two weeks, we’ll feature posts around the final convening of…

How does your approach to partnerships reflect your organization’s culture?

Laura Zabel, executive director of Springboard for the Arts, suggests that framing partnerships as opportunities can be a powerful force in an organization.

How have you engaged your staff to cultivate new leaders?

George Sparks, President and CEO of the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, talks about the executive’s role in helping staff members create a plan for the future.

How should cultural organizations react to the significant changes in their competitive landscape?

Gordon Hewitt, an Adjunct Professor of Business Administration at the Stephen M Ross School of Business, discusses the importance of challenging your assumptions.

If you were to build an arts organization today on what aspects would you focus?

Abby Marcus, General Manager of The Playwrights’ Center, talks about the importance of flexibility in arts organizations.

Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us

A fascinating animated talk by Daniel Pink about the surprising things that do (and don’t) motivate people.

How does a leader effect change in her organization?

Kathy Keele, CEO of the Australia Council for the Arts, discusses the need for vision, patience, and staff alignment and engagement to successfully lead change in an organization.

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