I know you won’t judge me

Dearest Sanctuaries,  I deeply appreciate the love, compassion, and care with which you treat me.…

You’re the best

Dear Arts Wisconsin, I’m writing this letter to let you know that I love you.…

I am still feeling the same glow

  A patron, artist, writer and poet shares: Dear Carrack Gallery, I’d like to thank…

Dear, Bench Diary

  “Welcome to my backyard! It’s the funniest thing just before I sat down I…

The Leader and The Manager: A Leading Innovation in Arts & Culture Conversation

We’ve just wrapped our first Massively Open Online Course (MOOC) Leading Innovation in Arts and…

The Summit at Sundance

Editor’s note: Over the next two weeks, we’ll feature posts around the final convening of…

Design Thinking Isn’t a Miracle Cure, but Here’s How It Helps

With that helpful and perhaps needed disclaimer out of the way, writer/designer/consultant Helen Waters pens…

What is Design Thinking?

Suzi Sosa, Co-Founder and CEO of Verb, explains the concept of Design Thinking.

Where Good Ideas Come From

Everyone is looking for ways to be more creative and make organizations more innovative. In…

The Innovator’s DNA, or More Disruption

What do you think? Can innovation be learned? Does it flow from the individual to the organization? Does it require staggering genius?

OpenIDEO – Home

Are there ways to take what makes each of our arts institutions unique and capture that experience through technology? Is it just the “end product” that engages our communities, or are there opportunities throughout the entire process of creation and presentation?

An Optimist’s Tour of the Future

As arts organizations face an increasing number of challenges, it might help us all to lighten the load by “unlearning” some things – Matt Ridley sketches out what a few of those things might be.

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