The Planks for Leading Change

By    Dec 26, 2018

At the 2018 NAS Summit, faculty member, Nancy Koehn, discussed leading change. Inspired by John P. Kotter’s Harvard Business Review article, “Leading Change: Why Transformation Efforts Fail,” she introduced the nine planks (and their sequence) necessary for leading a successful change effort.

Plank 1: You.

Plank 2: Your coalition.

Plank 3: Momentum. Where is the urgency? What might happen if we don’t act? Creating the momentum behind the need for change.

Plank 4: Your vision. What is the next point towards which you’re steering? What is your North Star?

Plank 5: Communication. You cannot talk about planks 3 & 4 enough. You should talk about them all the time at all levels.

Plank 6: Removing obstacles. Defuse the naysayers.

Plank 7: Short-term wins. Create opportunities for credible and public short-term wins.

Plank 8: Patience. Do not declare victory too soon.

Plank 9: Operationalize. Create processes and institutions that cultivate and support change agents.