The Art of Attachment

By    Aug 11, 2016
The Knight Foundation recently shared the results of a 3 year study, “Soul of the Community” (SOTC) looking at what factors played a role in ‘attaching’ residents to their communities.
This study focused on the definition of community as tied to a specific geographic location, investigating what make people love where they live.

ArtPlace America also defines ‘community’ as inherently place-based in their 4 principles of successful creative placemaking:

  1. Define a community based in geography, such as a block, a neighborhood, a city, or a region
  2. Articulate a change the group of people living and working in that community would like to see
  3. Propose an arts-based intervention to help achieve that change
  4. Develop a way to know whether the change occurred

Why is community attachment important? According to the SOTC study:

As noted in the study, people who are engaged in their community strove to make it a better place, they were both invested in it and a productive part of its economic growth. Attachment and love for a community strengthens social cohesion which in turn strengthens the overall functioning of the community. SOTC essentially identifies arts & culture as one of the main factors a community should look to when talking about community development, economic strength, and community engagement.

Why do you love where you live?