Reading List: Hacks

By    Feb 5, 2014

This post appears as a the first of an occasional series of tricks and tips you may find useful in tackling your daily challenges.

Does your team ever get stuck in a creativity rut? Do you think you need a license to be creative, especially if this isn’t part of your job title or job description? Do you need a shockabuku? Even the best teams get stuck once in a while, but you don’t have to be on the artistic side of the organization to be creative. What you do need to do is practice. In this HBR blog post, brothers Tom and David Kelley of deservedly legendary design and innovation shop IDEO offer three creativity challenges to help you or your whole team. With as little as 15 minutes and materials you likely already have at hand, you can use these exercises to incite riotous creativity in yourself and your team.

Tip: If this sort of activity is new for you, try a solo exercise first (see #1). Then pull in your team.