Why we do it

By     Aug 17, 2017

And why you should too.

When you’ve been around for as long as we have, you’ve seen cycles and patterns – good and bad – that seem unstoppable or unbreakable. In our years of practice, we’ve looked for ways to intervene in the system that would bring about positive change. Part of the power of change comes in the form of ongoing education – career long learning that fosters robust networks and different perspectives.

Too often we hit a plateau in our careers where we look around for the challenge, knowledge or network that help us change the landscape. The Executive Program in Arts & Culture Strategy is such a program – it operates on a personal level for individuals who want more and it operates on a field level increasing knowledge and networks that will have longer reaching impact on the pipeline of tomorrow’s leaders.

What better set of partners than a leading university and the top leadership development provider in the arts and culture space? It was an opportunity to throw our experience and field-wide networks in with University of Pennsylvania SP2’s rigorous and thoughtful approach to teaching. We collaborated on a different type of certification – one that was lower cost (below $5K), accessible for people working full time and provided meaningful outcomes. Answering the question of how best to take the next step in my learning and in my career.

The program works, but nothing is ever perfect. We’ve made changes – listening carefully to those who’ve participated and tuning the program to be better each time. We added in more expert support from leaders in the field and shifted the flow of the online segments. This year, we’ll be adding even more content.

It is rigorous – I will say that up front. You will test your limits and push beyond them. But we will support you – by creating a learning environment that is challenging, encouraging and fun – yes, learning should be fun! Because we believe these are important ingredients to learning and change. You will be surrounded by talented peers from around the world, our passionate and deeply experienced teaching fellows and our world class faculty. Join us in this adventure and rise to the next level of your career.

Applications are open for the class of 2018. Join us.