Core Values & Cupcakes

By    Jul 9, 2015

An Ideation Summit is a process that transforms stakeholders with divergent interests into collaborators. It provides a roadmap for identifying, clarifying and activating solutions.

NAS has built an event that does just this, The Summit at Sundance. We’ve designed a process that empowers a group of colleagues to harness their collective brainpower and wisdom and tackle tough challenges facing their work.

Our first Ideation Summit brought CEOs together to collectively work on real-world solutions to four key problems facing the field. The result of that convening was over 400 ideas for how to solve those issues. One of the problems the group chose to focus on during our time together was to develop employees and systems that will transform organizations and the field. Core values were inevitably a theme throughout their solutions. Some of our favorite core values solutions include:

“Treasure your workplace culture makers (the ones who make the cupcakes)”

“Hire for values match, respect work-life balance, be flexible in asking and providing what staff want.”

Explore all the solutions in this theme and tell us what you think, how are you and your core values supported throughout your organization? Share your thoughts in the comments section or at #ValuesNAS.