Finding Your Funding Model

Peter Kim, Gail Perreault and William Foster of the Bridgespan Group argue organizations often have a clearer vision of what their programs will be in five years than of the funding that will support them. They offer a road map for leaders seeking to develop appropriate funding models for their organizations.

Lies, Damned Lies, and Medical Science

The arts aren’t under the microscope of evidence-based funding today, but this shift in the thinking around us is already starting to inform the thinking of the program officers and donors upon which we rely.

Faith, hope and charities: the public trusts charities more than any other type of organisation. But measuring do-gooding risks shattering some illusions

An interesting article on the relationship of trust between charities and the public.

Billy Beane and Outcomes: What Can Baseball Tell the Nonprofit World About Measures and Measurement?

A fresh look at empirically driven outcome measures; from the “moneyball” guys. What do you think of the lessons they take away from the example?

The Four Horsemen of the Nonprofit Financial Apocalypse

In this article Clara Miller, President and CEO of the Nonprofit Finance Fund, identifies nonprofit best practices and assumptions which have amplified the impact of the economic downturn on many organizatio

The Nonprofit Sector in Brief: Public Charities, Giving and Volunteering, 2009

This brief highlights trends in the number and finances of 501(c)(3) public charities, as well as key findings on private charitable contributions and volunteering, two vital resources to the nonprofit sector.

Happiness Around the World: The paradox of happy peasants and miserable millionaires

A friend in the banking world recently gave me this book, and as we consider why the arts are so essential to healthy societies it makes for interesting reading.

Nonprofit Reserves Workgroup – NCCS Wiki

A great resource for board members and staff members to test knowledge and learn more about operating (sometimes called cash) reserves.

Disrupting Philanthropy 2.0

An overview of how technology is being used in philanthropy, with good examples of where experimentation is happening, and interesting activities happening outside established institutions.