How does a leader effect change in his organization?

Tom Scharf, Executive Director of the Swallow Hill Music Association in Denver, shares his three critical steps to leading change in an organization.

What are the qualities of a strong arts leader?

Sally Sterling, an executive search consultant, discusses what makes a successful arts executive.

Strategic decisions: When can you trust your gut?

Nobel laureate Daniel Kahneman and psychologist Gary Klein debate the power and perils of intuition. An interesting analysis of the role of intuition in decision-making.

The Smart Marketplace: Bridging the Gaps in Arts Leadership Training

Many discussions about the field’s leadership gap focus on two general impressions: there are not enough prospective leaders or there aren’t enough professional development opportunities – but is it that simple?

The Cost of Information Sharing in Philanthropy

What is the “right” way for not-for-profit professionals to balance their commitment to achieving a vision and their need to care for themselves, their employees, and their families?

How does a leader effect change in his organization?

Ben Donenberg, Founder and Producing Artistic Director of Shakespeare Festival/LA, shares how his approach to leading change has shifted from being unilateral to collaborative over the course of his career.

How does a leader effect change in his organization?

Dr. Michael Hager, President and CEO of the San Diego Natural History Museum, shares his experience leading his organization through a major shift in mission and culture.

How does a leader effect change in her organization?

Tracy S. Harris, NAS board member, talks about the need for vision, benchmarks and collaboration to create an organizational culture that embraces constant change and improvement.

Future Leadership Survey Results

The question of who will lead our cultural institutions in the future is being widely discussed in our field: this survey is a small but informative sample of the field on the needs of the future leaders.