Community & Collaboration

Civic Health. Civic Equity. Civic Capacity.

Michael Rohd shares the values that guide both organizations: Civic Health. Civic Equity. Civic Capacity.

On Values & Building Community

Inclusivity. Creativity & Innovation. Integrity. These are the values that drive Irfana Jetha Noorani work with the 11th Street Bridge Park.

Scott Kratz: Values

Intentionality, generosity and authenticity. These are the values Scott Kratz brings to the 11th Street Bridge Park.

We’re Better Together

HowlRound is a commons by and for theatremakers. No one owns a commons, it exists…

The Commons

Growing up, the public library was a place that allowed Polly Carl, Director & Editor of HowlRound: A Center for the Theater Commons, to find belonging and access imagination. This introduction to a commons model is something that she’s carried with her and influences all that she brings as a leader to the organization. The commons model is all about inclusivity. Carl honors and encourages this through her work at HowlRound.

The Ethics of Process

I think about the types of values that we promote when we celebrate an outcome…

The Willingness to Unlearn

You’ve heard from Jeff McCarter, Founder & Executive Director of Free Spirit Media, now Andrea Hart,…

It’s a work in progress, but it’s crucial work

“It’s about them.” “We’re all alive.” “We’re all going through this crazy path of life.”…

Clyde Valentin: Values

Clyde Valentin, Director of the SMU Meadows Arts + Urbanism Initiative shares how values appear…

Jess Solomon: Values

I created a graphic about how my values, work and every-day decision making coalesce. As…

Ari Weinzweig: Congruency & Values

We promised a video this week featuring Ari Weinzweig, co-founder of Zingerman’s and here it…

Taking Down the Hedges

Respect. Access. Inclusion. Transparency. Authenticity. These are the values held deeply by Hope McMath, Executive…

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