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Arts & Culture Strategy
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Join colleagues around the world to develop your leadership skills and cultivate your knowledge of the field. Learn at your own pace, for free. Enroll today »

Creative Community Launchpad »

Bainbridge Island, WA | March 17-20, 2016
Fellows attend a three-day in-person feedback session where they present their project pitch to national funders and leaders in the field of creative placemaking and receive feedback.

Executive Program in Arts & Culture Strategy »

University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA | March 2-5, 2016

Students will meet their colleagues, learn about key concepts such as negotiation, decision-making and human-centered design and meet the NAS & Penn teaching teams.



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Current Programs

The complex issues involved in leading a cultural nonprofit today can challenge even the most skilled management team. Using our first-hand experience in the arts, and working with faculty from leading business and graduate schools, we deliver executive-level programs that help you find new opportunities, manage the people and resources needed for success, and lead your organization toward its mission. Our unique focus on team-centered education means your team can use NAS programs as off-site working sessions to build shared skills and realize key organizational change.

Business of Arts and Culture™

The Business of Arts and Culture is our national series of team-centered seminars. Events are presented in cities around the country, with travel assistance and pay-what-you-can tuition. Every session is led by top management faculty, and combines new learning with immediate application of the ideas to your organization. Read more about the seminars or learn more about the program »

Executive Program in Arts & Culture Strategy

The Executive Program in Arts & Culture Strategy empowers you to break down barriers to advancing your career goals. The University of Pennsylvania faculty, the NAS team and some of the best and brightest leaders working in the field come together to give you tested tools, frameworks and expert industry knowledge to help you develop your understanding of the business side of the industry. This program uniquely equips early to mid-career professionals in the arts and culture sector, as well as those seeking to enter the sector, with the training and tools to advance their careers and learn to lead with confidence. Learn more »

The Chief Executive Program™

Across the cultural field and around the globe, there are leaders thinking creatively about the problems they face – finding new ways to engage with their communities, experimenting with their models and leading their organizations through an environment that is rapidly changing. The Chief Executive Program is designed as a place to help those outstanding leaders who are pushing forward along that path and tackling the big questions facing the field. Learn more »

Creative Community Fellows

Around the world there are artists, activists, community organizers, administrators and entrepreneurs working as change-makers in their communities – using arts and culture as vehicles to drive physical and social transformations. We've built the Creative Community Fellows program for cultural entrepreneurs working in this space. We give them tools, training and access to a community of support. This combination will fuel their visions for community change, sparking new ideas and helping propel them into action.
Learn more »

Applied Learning

NAS undertakes a focused set of custom program development, consulting, facilitation, and advisory services. We focus our resources on multi-year programs for states and municipalities, projects with individual organizations that can provide models for the field, and continued support for our participant community. Learn more »

Past Programs

Salzburg Global Forum for Young Cultural Leaders

The Salzburg Global Forum for Young Cultural Leaders brought together fifty dynamic young cultural leaders from around the world in Salzburg, Austria for an intensive leadership development program. NAS partnered with the Salzburg Global Seminar, a non-profit organization known for its global convening power, to develop this program, which provided a unique learning opportunity for “next generation” cultural leaders from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe.

Future Leadership

The Future Leadership Program was aimed at cultivating the next wave of arts and cultural executives, and equipping them with the expertise they will need to excel in top management positions within the next five to seven years. The approaching retirement of long-standing executives across the entire nonprofit sector presents a momentous challenge for the cultural field as well. With smart investment today, together we can transform this looming change into a creative opportunity.

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