Why Creative Community Fellows?

By    Jul 1, 2015

I have somehow stumbled across a group of people who, like me, are crazy enough to believe we can positively change the world. That sort of energy, passion and drive is addicting. It’s nice to feel less alone in my pursuits.

I’ve managed to work my way through most of the project videos, and I am finding myself more inspired with each. The innovation, imagination, and dedication of my peers is refreshing – journals on benches? How cool!! Anyhow, I am already finding a renewed sense in my work, largely due to the realization that what I produce is part of a larger conversation.

My project, Open Space Arts, is only possible through collaboration. It relies on community. When I moved to NYC in 2007, I had no idea my path would lead me to producing arts events in outdoor spaces across the city. With my current company, New York Restoration Project, I’ve been able to explore how art in public space can help dissolve cultural barriers and create a dialogue of understanding. Plus, we’re having a lot of fun! Through fairly simple ways, we are bringing diverse groups together.

Now, I’m eager to further explore the potential by collaborating with brilliant minds and passionate people. I’m eager to learn and to make connections. I’m eager to listen and to contribute to the dialogue. I can’t remember the last time I was this eager, and am incredibly grateful for the opportunity.

I am ready to explore what’s next.