What’s in your box?

By     Aug 11, 2016
If you’re part of a CSA, or community supported agriculture program, you receive a box of fresh fruits and vegetables from a local farm every week.
What would you say to a box of new artworks from local artists in your community?

Many arts organizations and artists have started these community supported art programs to showcase and support the local artists in their communities. Springboard for the Arts is one of those organizations working to highlight the role that artists play within geographic communities. Like matryoshka dolls, they nestle within broader communities, and many of their needs, interests, and capacities overlap with other communities. Springboard is an advocate for creating CSA’s in your community to support artists in the creation of new work and build community relationships. Check out their toolkit for starting a CSA in your community.

Springboard for the Arts has also put together a community-building toolkit called Creative Exchange: Artful Ideas for Stronger Communities, that has tips, tools, and programs for artists and organizations to transfer to their own communities.

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