On leadership: “What to Ask the Person in the Mirror,” Robert Kaplan

By     Oct 4, 2012

Professor Robert S. Kaplan (Harvard Business School) has written a book on leadership, management and managing oneself that is readable, practical and highly actionable. It is based on an earlier article by the same name that appeared in the Harvard Business Review. While written for a general audience, the content is equally applicable to those running nonprofit organizations, especially larger ones. Seekers won’t find mystical language or anything revelatory in terms of conceptual frameworks. Rather, the emphases include the criticality of giving and getting coaching, delegation and the linkage to succession planning. Even very senior leaders will benefit from this work.

“There comes a point in your career when the best way to figure out how you’re doing is to step back and ask yourself a few questions. Having all the answers is less important than knowing what to ask.