Is it all about grit?

By    Oct 8, 2015

This post was originally part of a weeklong exploration of career paths on our ArtsJournal blog, Field Notes.
Image CC via Flickr

From a young age, we’re told that if you work hard and practice every day you can achieve your goals. This often requires focus on few or only one thing in order to reach a desired level of success. Reb Rebele, shares how for many this is the case, but for most – we’re just not wired that way. It’s about understanding our personal definition of success and discovering many ways of getting there. Most importantly, Rebele poses the question, “will a gritty focus on a relatively narrow range of interests make us happy?” This challenges us to not only think about success in the realm of career achievement, but also in that of personal well-being.

So, we determine our definition of success, but then what? Whatever your path, there will be obstacles. Does having a clear definition of success help you to better overcome them?