C’mon Celebrate!

By    Mar 10, 2016
Even when you’re in the middle of a sticky situation, it’s possible to find the humor in your predicament and change perspective.

Although not all failures are productive, in fact, we’d reason to say that none of them are necessarily productive, there is still reason to celebrate! Writer Gwen Moran shares in Fast Company that by responding to failure with empathy and humor, you can foster a creative culture. Even if a setback gets you down, Gwen shares that it’s important to encourage a supportive environment at work to build trust and turn the experience into a learning opportunity for your team. Gwen gives the example of Tor Myhren, an advertising employee who was inspired by his own experience with failure to create a humorous “Heroic Failure Award” to give out to employees who also experienced a massive failure. By celebrating mistakes rather than sweeping them under the rug, you can help your team change their attitude on failure, and through that, your work culture as a whole.

What do you think? How do you celebrate failure?