Rosemarie Kelly Ndupuechi

Rosemarie Kelly Ndupuechi is currently the president and founder of 3E Productions LLC, which specializes in creating energized, engaged events for for-profit corporate clients and nonprofit organizations. Rosemarie brings more than 25 years of leadership experience in the nonprofit and for-profit sectors, including serving as executive director for the League of Women Voters of Minneapolis, Overseas Program Manager for Land O’Lakes, and Community Relations Director and senior national account sales manager for Cargill, Incorporated, a privately held, global company with extensive roots in and throughout the Midwest. Rosemarie brings to the collaborative expertise in coaching, program development, account management, project management, meeting facilitation, and event planning in both corporate and nonprofit settings, as well as many years’ experience in the communities of the Midwest while at Land O’Lakes and Cargill. As Community Relations Director and a senior sales manager at Cargill, Incorporated, Rosemarie traveled the Midwest convening community meetings, bringing the voice of community leaders together to craft community involvement plans for Cargill businesses and plants. Rosemarie has a Master’s Degree in Business Communication from
the University of St. Thomas and a BA in Communications from the University of Pennsylvania.