I know you won’t judge me

Dearest Sanctuaries,  I deeply appreciate the love, compassion, and care…

You’re the best

Dear Arts Wisconsin, I’m writing this letter to let you…

I am still feeling the same glow

  A patron, artist, writer and poet shares: Dear Carrack…

How To Lead Organizational Change

Making Change Happen

Our work introduces frameworks meant to help arts leaders improve their organizations. Putting those frameworks into action requires change, but how does one lead change in an organization?

The Competing Values Framework

The Competing Values Framework is a strategic blueprint developed from over 25 years of academic research that identifies and solves organizational challenges.

Must Reads

Selected readings for arts and culture leaders from NAS and the Getty Leadership Institute

Alumni Spotlight

Nic de la Fuente

Spaces Convener for Spaces of Opportunity

Community Map

Our interactive map features the hundreds of arts professionals, artists, CEOs, entrepreneurs, board members, volunteers and funders that make up the NAS community. Use it to help you find colleagues, share ideas and resources and broaden your network.

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