understand why

You Gotta Know Why

In a discussion with several CEOs of cultural organizations about access, accessibility and community, the conversation kept circling back to the question of “Why?”

Leading Change Without Crisis

How to build organizational intuition through a process of discovery and debate around an organization’s purpose and by refocusing attention outside rather than inside the organization

What should a leader consider when approaching change?

Jana La Sorte, Founder & Creative Director of Ambassadora, discusses the importance of being upfront an open about what the change will mean for the organization.

How do arts and culture organizations connect with their communities?

J. Mikel Ellcessor, general manager of WDET, Detroit, looks at how finding new audiences forces cultural institutions to rethink how they create their content — who is involved, what is the subject and tone.

How does a leader effect change in her organization?

Patricia Mooradian, President of The Henry Ford, discusses the importance of a passionate leader, a deep knowledge of the organization and a clearly communicated plan when leading an organization through change.

How does a leader effect change in her organization?

Joanna Naftali, Executive Director of Luna Negra Dance Theater in Chicago, discusses the challenges of leading change in a small arts organization as a new executive.

How does a leader effect change in her organization?

Sally Sterling, an executive search consultant within Spencer Stuart, discusses the importance of organization-wide involvement and buy-in when creating change.