shared responsibility

How can cultural organizations work with their communities rather than for their communities?

Mulenga Kapwepwe, Chairperson of the National Arts Council of Zambia, discusses how widening your definitions can broaden your understanding of community.

How has your organization reacted to changes in the competitive landscape?

Sebastian Ruth, Founder & Artistic Director of Community MusicWorks, discusses the need for cultural institutions – both big and small – to ask what is their role in the community and what problems they are addressing.

What does the convergence of consumer interests, markets and industries mean for cultural organizations?

J. Mikel Ellcessor, general manager of WDET, Detroit, discusses the role of cultural organizations in a world where audiences see themselves as creators.

How does a leader effect change in her organization?

Jessica Deutsch, Marketing and Publicity Manager for Milkweed Editions in Minneapolis, discusses the importance of engaging the collective wisdom of an organization’s staff when leading an organization through change.

How does a leader effect change in his organization?

Dr. Gary Vikan, Director of The Walters Art Museum, discusses how the creation of a culture of shared responsibility and education enables and reinforces change in an organization.

How does a leader effect change in her organization?

Kate Lorenz, Executive Director of Hyde Park Art Center, discusses some of the challenges of leading change in an organization, from negotiating the diverse interests of stakeholders to being deliberate about prioritizing which changes to pursue.