Role of Arts in Civil Society

Why The Arts?

Creative Community Fellows alumna, Jess Solomon and artist and director of Art at Work, Marty Pottenger, reflect on the increase of artists who work within communities, and on the unique role that art can play in strengthening and supporting communities.

Salzburg Global Forum: Some Final Thoughts

We introduced Field Notes as a means of amplifying meaningful conversation. Over the last couple…

Arts Organizations and Their Community

The changing nature of communication in the world has impacted the way people speak to each other and search for information.  New technologies have made interacting easier and more immediate than ever before.

What is the role of arts organizations in society & their place in the community?

Whether introducing an international form of movement to the dance scene, putting a modern spin on Mozart or Bach, or providing a visual interpretation of the effects of war, the arts can provide thought-provoking commentary and innovative perspectives on a vast array of global ideas.

What arts organizations can learn about community work from a diesel-driven platform

Arts organizations around the world often struggle to build meaningful, sustainable relations with their community. Work with the community, rather than simply for them. Such organizations can learn a thing or two from the Mali multifunctional platform.

What role should the arts play in civil society?

Editor’s Note: This is one of a series of blog posts from Fellows and panelists…