professional development

You Need a Community, Not a Network

An HBR article on the importance of strong leadership in guiding community building and the amazing things that can happen when a network transforms into a community.

Making the Argument for Leadership Development

Linda Wood, Senior Director of the Haas Leadership Initiative at the Evelyn and Walter Haas,…

Getting Unstuck: Developing Skills to Climb the Leadership Ladder

My advice to early-career arts managers is not to get stuck waiting around for someone to pass you an opportunity, but to go right out and ask for it

The Transformational Model of Leadership

James MacGregor Burns revolutionized leadership studies in 1978 with the concept of transformational leadership. In…

4 Practices serve as Pillars for Adult Learning: Learning-oriented leadership offers a promising way to support growth

This journal article is a brief and accessible look at the author’s research in adult learning.

How does a leader effect change in her organization?

Rebecca Hunter, Executive Producer of the Redmoon Theater in Chicago, discusses her experience leading drastic change in the face of a cash-flow crisis.

The Smart Marketplace: Bridging the Gaps in Arts Leadership Training

Many discussions about the field’s leadership gap focus on two general impressions: there are not enough prospective leaders or there aren’t enough professional development opportunities – but is it that simple?

How does a leader effect change in his organization?

Dr. Gary Vikan, Director of The Walters Art Museum, discusses how the creation of a culture of shared responsibility and education enables and reinforces change in an organization.

Career Navigation for Working Learners

This position paper sketches out a system to support career development in our contemporary economy, where careers no longer consist of “climbing the corporate ladder” in a company.

How does a leader effect change in his organization?

Howard Spector, Executive Director of P.S. ARTS, discusses the importance of having the right people, providing learning opportunities, and maintaining mission focus to successfully lead an organization through change.