Better Late than Never!

When asked to choose a problem for this Creative Community Fellowship, I chose an environmental issue. Living in an agricultural valley, ranchers buy hay that is bound by plastic twine. This twine accumulates quickly and the closest recycler of this material is 980 miles away (one way). Consequently, this plastic twine is everywhere: wrapped around farm equipment wheels, in burn piles, piled in corners of fields, in birds’ nests and left in ditches. Eventually, it ends up in landfills, burned into the atmosphere or just left out in the fields.

Everyone’s a Potential Partner: Building Value Together

In this video Laura Zabel shares how she is energized by what’s possible and how looking at opportunities through this frame has opened up resources for Springboard.

The Myth of the Lone Genius: A Leading Innovation in Arts and Culture Conversation

Photo by Olivier Carré-Delisle via Flickr We’ve just wrapped our first Massively Open Online Course…

Collaboration is key in D.C.

This post appears as part of the ARTSblog Emerging Leaders Blog Salon, in which emerging leaders…

How does your approach to partnerships reflect your organization’s culture?

Laura Zabel, executive director of Springboard for the Arts, suggests that framing partnerships as opportunities can be a powerful force in an organization.

What does your experience with building community relationships teach about healthy partnerships?

Carlton Turner, executive director of Alternate ROOTS, talks about his approach to partnerships.

Partnerships: From Good to Great

One of the most important responsibilities for any nonprofit is to understand how you can best leverage organizational assets to serve your mission and your constituents. But often, our assets alone aren’t plentiful enough to let us deliver on our mission with the level of impact we’d like.

Stories from the Field: LA Stage Alliance

Talking to Terrence McFarland about the Arts Census: a way to collect, analyze and access quality data no matter what size our budgets.

Stories from the Field: Intersection for the Arts

Video case story of Intersection for the Arts’ embrace of risk; an in-depth look at some of the challenges, lessons and triumphs of managing change

Reinventing a Museum as a Community Organization

How the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History’s financial crisis enabled them to take risks and explore a new model that would help them garner support and build relationships

What do changes in customer mindset mean for cultural organizations?

Thomas Kinnear, professor of marketing at the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan, discusses the impact of convergence on the cultural customer.

If you were to rebuild your educational program today what would it look like?

Linda Ames Key, Education Director of the Vital Theatre Company, discusses a better model for “art in schools” partnerships.

If you were to rebuild your organization today what would it look like?

Beth Boone, Artistic & Executive Director of Miami Light Project, talks about their process of…

If you were to build an arts organization today on what aspects would you focus?

Abby Marcus, General Manager of The Playwrights’ Center, talks about the importance of flexibility in arts organizations.