Beyond Semantics: The Aesthetics of Working With Communities

While at the Creative Communities Fellows Impact House, we were learning about design thinking. We were into day one of this part of the curriculum, and one of the fellows likened himself to that of a service provider and said that we all provide the communities we serve with different creative services. I raised my hand and said, “I am not a service provider, and I don’t work for communities, I work with them.” There was much debate about this. Several people said that this was a case of semantics, that it was just a different choice of words. For me, this is beyond semantics. The way we talk about our work gives insight into the intention and aesthetic choices we make when working with communities. There are aesthetic differences in working for or with communities.

What’s the Matter with “Why the Arts Matter?” 

Arts Advocacy Day is an important event, to be sure. The arts do matter. But, chances are if you’re reading this you’re likely already a believer. Therein lies the problem… or at the very least an opportunity.

Resolve to Take Back Your Time

My life changed when I decided to stop thinking about my schedule as filled with commitments the universe has shackled me to, but rather as choices I’ve consciously made about how I spend my time.

Saying What We Mean

Last January, at NAS’ Chief Executive Program convening The New Nature of Relevance, I listened…