The Chief Executive Program


Change the status quo.

At a time when our challenges and opportunities are more and more connected, many leaders of arts and culture organizations feel increasingly isolated and under-supported. New perspectives, tools and connections can create a radical shift.

The Chief Executive Program offers an extraordinary opportunity for you and a select group artistic and executive leaders to spend a year exploring leadership and change, and building skills and relationships that you will draw upon for the rest of your career.


You are...

the leader of an arts and culture organization who understands its vital role in the community. You are consumed with keeping your organization strong and connected as you deal with the radical change around you.

You'll share...

your insights about your community, your organization’s approach and your vision for the future. Everyone will learn from the deep expertise and wisdom contained within this diverse cohort of individuals, coming from a wide range of perspectives.

You'll gain...

tools and insights from experts in leadership and bias at Harvard and other top universities. The experience is tailored to support your efforts, using different approaches, a range of analytical frameworks and a network of allies and collaborators.

You'll join...

an incredible, world-wide community of change-makers. Connect with over 200 leaders who have been through the program and are positioned to introduce radical change in their communities and the field.


Selection & Participation

The ideal participant is a change agent – a leader interested in making a real difference in a community and in the field. Leaders chosen to take part in this unique experience have the opportunity – and a responsibility – to share what they’ve learned and serve as influencers for the field. Participating leaders come from a broad and diverse mix of organizations that may include performing and visual arts, zoos, libraries, aquariums, botanical gardens, science centers, writer’s centers, historical societies, public media – any organizations that encourages creativity. This diversity is an essential part of the Chief Executive Program experience.



CEP Dates



The full cost of the program is $17,000. This includes tuition, lodging, all meals, and course materials. We have created a fundraising match of up to $5,000 to help participants subsidize their tuition costs. We will also offer a payment plan to allow participants to spread their tuition costs across the ten months of the program.


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