About NAS


We build and support
a diverse community
of cultural leaders
who drive inspiring
change for the future.


Established in 1983, NAS has trained and supported more arts and culture leaders than any other organization.

We provide access to invaluable academia and opportunities. We mix skillsets and mindsets. We broaden perspectives and networks. We remove silos and open doors. We push boundaries and what’s possible.

More than ever, society needs art, culture and creativity to challenge, connect and elevate. That’s why we continue to fuel diverse, inspirational leaders as they shift their careers, organizations and communities.

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Our Beliefs

We are united by our core values and these values shape the principles that guide our work.


Inequity is an injustice that we do everything within our power to address. Leaders come in many forms and from many places. It's time that all leaders are recognized. We actively choose diverse participants who are all values-based, creative thinkers who want to change their world. And, we work with leaders and communities to shift mindsets, conversations and imbalances.


Our sector can’t just respond, we must lead. But, as the world gets more complex, so does the role of a leader. Our long-term support helps the visionary leaders of today and tomorrow have the difficult conversations that enable more potent strategic decisions.


We create deep exchange between a new generation of leaders and the world’s leading minds, with whom we partner based on their relevance, rigor and reputation. With these academic leaders and institutions, we offer our sector the benefits of proven process and methods that can be challenged, adapted and used time and time again, rather than “flavor of the month,” single personality approaches.


Built over three decades, our alumni community is a powerful mix of disciplines, cultures, geography, ages and roles. Leaders form who they are by learning alongside one another, transferring knowledge, deepening connections and broadening networks. Together, we create a more vibrant cultural ecosystem.