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Reframing Negotiation

Shirli Kopelman, professor of management at the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan, suggests that negotiation shouldn’t be a “winner take all” experience.

The 7 Levers of Large-Scale Social Change

Nora Silver, professor at the University of California, Berkeley Haas School of Business, discusses large-scale social change — the conditions necessary and the levers to use.

The Planks for Leading Change

Inspired by the HBR article, “Leading Change: Why Transformation Efforts Fail,” Nancy Koehn offers these nine planks (and their sequence) necessary for leading a successful change effort. 


VUCA is an acronym used to describe situations or environments with high levels of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity.

Job Crafting

The Job Crafting™ Exercise, discussed at the 2018 NAS Summit, helps you make your job…

Project Implicit

Project Implicit is a collaboration between researchers who are interested in implicit social cognition – thoughts and feelings outside of conscious awareness and control.

Online Seminar: Meaningful Communication

This seminar will help you understand the integral aspects of communication and how communication evolves during a conversation.

Online Seminar: Purpose Marketing

This seminar offers a different way to segment the world that focuses not on who the audience is but what they need.

Online Seminar: Dominant Logic

Learn how leadership can impact the culture, operations, values and people of an organization.

Advice for Those Starting Out: Pace Yourself

Ann Williams, Founder of Dallas Black Dance Theatre founder, offers advice to artists starting out.

Leadership Development

A conversation with Dallas Black Dance Theatre founder, Ann Williams.  

Find Your Circle, Find Your Journey

  A conversation with Cleo Parker Robinson Dance founder, Cleo Parker Robinson.

One Spirit, Many Voices

  A conversation with Cleo Parker Robinson Dance founder, Cleo Parker Robinson.

Role Models

  A conversation with Cleo Parker Robinson Dance founder, Cleo Parker Robinson.

Knowing About the Business

  A conversation with Debbie Blunden-Diggs from Dayton Contemporary Dance Company.

Building a Future for Black Dance

  A conversation with Philadanco! founder, Joan Myers Brown.

Collaboration Done Right

A conversation with Lula Washington Dance Theatre founder, Lula Washington.

Necessity of Grit

  International Association of Blacks in Dance board member, Debbie Blunden-Diggs, talks about her experience…

IABD Founders on Community & Collaboration

Members of the International Association of Blacks in Dance founders, Joan Myers Brown, Lulu Washington and Cleo Parker Robinson, talk about community and collaboration.

Why we do it

And why you should too. When you’ve been around for as long as we have,…

4 Questions to Ask Yourself When Considering a Continuing Education Program

Should I go to graduate school? Is there an online program I can do while…

An Invitation To Community: Being Yourself

In our last post of this series on community, Jordan Reeves shares his moving reflections…

Join the Party!

Ready to dance? Taneisha Duggan shares her reflections on the power of community and invites…

The Fable of One Turtle and Four Humans: A Story of Community

How did the turtle cross the road? The answer according to Greg Milo: thanks to…

Growing Together

Laura Gisler shares a beautiful meditation on what community means to her through these drawings…

The World Is Your Classroom (Or Gym)

Naomi Even-Aberle introduces us to her community: her gym. She shares how impactful it can…

Part of Something Bigger

Jaclyn Roessel reflects on the first time she felt like a part of a community, when she was 12 years old and had her Kinaaldá ceremony, in which she became a woman and felt the kinship of not only her nuclear family, but a larger tapestry of community members.

A Real Community Will Stretch You

What are the qualities of a rubber band? Flexibility: the ability to bend without breaking.…

Finding Magic In Community

  Sometimes joining a new community can open up new, magical worlds that you never…

I know you won’t judge me

Dearest Sanctuaries,  I deeply appreciate the love, compassion, and care with which you treat me.…

You’re the best

Dear Arts Wisconsin, I’m writing this letter to let you know that I love you.…

I am still feeling the same glow

  A patron, artist, writer and poet shares: Dear Carrack Gallery, I’d like to thank…

Dear, Bench Diary

  “Welcome to my backyard! It’s the funniest thing just before I sat down I…

Love, Hate & Design Research

There are some very successful design researchers who routinely ask customers to write love notes or break up notes to their brands. This creative and fun approach can (often unwittingly) get powerful insight into the perceptions of customers.

Winter is Coming: What the Culture Sector Needs to Worry About Now

I. Predicting the Unpredictable The former NEA Chair Rocco Landesman says he doesn’t see anything…

Community of place

The root of this definition for me is community of place, because it is in…


In Todd, NC in the month of June, community means preparing for the annual “Liberty…

The duty of community

This comes from one of the greatest men of the 20th century, a personal role…

Community is natural. But we’re losing it.

We talk about community a lot. The word gets thrown around so much that it…

A practice of commitment

I’ve been noticing a trend that many of my friends and colleagues will, after having…

Community within

It signifies change that helps individuals to visually express feelings and emotions, which are difficult…

A misshapen Venn Diagram

Erin Salazar, an artist, muralist, seamstress, public art curator and Creative Community Fellow, shares what community means to her in this time lapse video.

Actively making a place better

The Reformed Protestant congregation hung 49 rainbow flags along the railing of the church in…

Another word

Our community was one of interest and history and the rural/urban exchange informed nearly all…

It’s about passion

To me, to be part of these communities meant your pretty standard definition of “community.”…

Community: A Song

Torres Hodges, a musician and Creative Community Fellow describes what community means to him in an original song.

On Community

. When my grandmother’s twinkly eyes and warm, welcoming disposition disappeared along with her memories due…

Complexities that make us whole

Community, as a singular plurality, encompasses the people who, and places that I endear and…

What’s in your box?

Many arts organizations and artists have started these community supported art programs to showcase and support…

Teamwork makes the dream work

Some more open than others. Some with multiple communities inside of one another. Some where…

Principles & Place

In all the work they do, Alternate ROOTS embraces these five principles of working in…