Omaha cultural leadership program


An 18-month custom-built program designed to assist arts professionals in identifying and addressing critical issues in themselves, their organizations and their communities.

Organizations with clear strategies and deep connections to their communities are more likely to be sustainable and create value for stakeholders. NAS has partnered with Arts Omaha to provide a sequential and meaningful 18-month program for its membership organizations which focuses on individual leadership and organizational capacity.


You’ll learn…

alongside one another through case studies, community lessons and simulations coupled with topic exploration.

You’ll receive…

support from NAS’s experienced staff on your action plan and the change your organization is enacting.

You’ll gain…

a broader strategic and operational view of ways they may more effectively reshape the cultural landscape with their organization, their community and their field.

Program Timeline

Fall: Managing People
1st intersession support period
Early Spring: Leadership
2nd intersession support period
Fall: Strategy Seminar
3rd intersession support period
Spring: Governance
Participating organizations must commit to the program for the entire cycle and send three to seven members to attend each seminar.

Learning Objectives

  • Individual: strengthen skills to manage and lead
  • Organizational: provide a supportive environment for team-based learning, reflection and action towards organizational change (defined by each organization and likely to evolve as the program progresses)
  • Community-wide: create space for productive conversations around trends that may or will affect most or all of the organizations and possibilities for individual and collaborative solutions to community-wide problems
  • Funders: to strengthen the leadership and resilience of the arts and culture community

Participating Organizations

The Bemis Center for Contemporary Art
Durham Museum
Film Streams
Joslyn Art Museum
Omaha Children’s Museum
Omaha Performing Arts
Omaha Community Playhouse

Omaha Symphony
The Rose Theater
Lauritzen Gardens
Strategic Air and Space Museum
Opera Omaha