Musuem management


Oman Ministry of Heritage & Culture ~ Smithsonian Institution

The Oman Ministry of Heritage and Culture engaged the Smithsonian Institution to present four professional education workshops in Oman for Ministry museum staff and a series of professional education experiences and placements at the Smithsonian in Washington for Ministry museum staff.  The Smithsonian Institution partnered with NAS to deliver a segment of the training.

The NAS-led Museum Management training, which began in June 2013, offered theoretical perspectives on leadership, organization and management and provided practical tools to guide critical program and service analysis and planning as well as day-to-day management, including budgeting, team-building and project management. An emphasis was placed on reflective and applied practice.

This training took a cross-disciplinary approach and used worldwide best practices to inform the planning and execution. It was grounded in the Omani context, using pedagogy and content appropriate for Omani professionals. It focused specifically on the National Museum and other nationally-run institutions.