Leadership Coaching


The change that will change others.

A pioneering program that builds on your experience and expertise. Tapping into the extensive NAS resources, you’ll transform the way you work with people, and gain credentials from the International Coaching Federation.

Leadership can be lonely, but we don’t think people should go it alone. Workplace coaching continues to gain legitimacy, and has been shown to be an essential tool for improving well-being, work and career related attitudes and goal-directed self-regulation. It is widely used in corporations in the development of high potentials and to smooth CEO onboarding, change management and transitions. We think it’s time that arts and culture leaders enjoyed this support.


You'll become...

a disruptor in your community, assisting leaders to get unstuck, and address barriers to change. Maximize the potential of other cultural leaders; CEOs new to a job or change project, helping develop high potentials or coaching CEO applicants in their job search.

You'll transform...

the way you work with people, think about problems and develop solutions. Access a rich toolkit of models, frameworks and resources built from NAS’s 20+ years in cultural leadership and learning.

You'll join...

a supportive, global community of arts and culture coaches. Study from world-leading faculty alongside a select cohort and work across the broad NAS network to effect change.

You'll gain...

credentialing from the International Coach Federation, the global gold-standard in professional coaching certification. Explore a career pivot built on your experience and expertise.

You'll learn...

mindfulness and awareness techniques to better respond to change and lead innovation. Improve employee communication, collaboration and conflict management; relationships, internally and with stakeholders; and your work-life balance.

The Details

  • Program offered annually, one 7-day and one 5-day intensive sessions, 3 months apart
  • 100 hours of highly-interactive classroom training focusing on coaching competencies
  • Practice sessions with a mentor coach where you will be observed and receive feedback
  • Small cohort, under 20 participants

Sector Benefits

Establishing coaching relationships in the arts and culture sector promotes job opportunities for entrepreneurs and promotes an intergenerational knowledge transfer while supporting rising leaders as they navigate the job change process, adapt to their new roles and deal with the rapid societal and sector changes underway.