Future leadership


The Future Leadership Program was aimed at cultivating the next wave of arts and cultural executives, and equipping them with the expertise they will need to excel in top management positions.

A partnership between NAS and the American Express Foundation, Future Leadership was a chance to work with emerging leaders to collectively develop exactly the professional development experiences they needed. We used online tools to “co-author” new services and events with these leaders. NAS maintained this “public square” throughout the life of the program, and contributed our resources and expertise to help design and deliver the highest quality professional development events and services.

The Future Leadership Fellowship enabled 275 mid-career professionals to take part in a series of events presented during the fall of 2009. These fellowships covered the full tuition of $500 for a day-long professional development session with faculty from leading business schools. In addition to the classroom experience, fellows were connected to a national network of colleagues and to the NAS team through online tools.