In order to support our Creative Community Fellows and other arts leaders working across sectors to help support healthy communities, we’ve teamed up with Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC). LISC is one of the largest organizations supporting projects to revitalize communities and bring greater economic opportunity to residents, and they take a special focus on creative placemaking.

In 2017, LISC program officers served as mentors and contributors in the Creative Community Fellows program.

We created the following videos in order to share ideas and approaches from the community development field with our broader network. In the following videos, you’ll hear from a program officer in the Washington DC LISC office about financing and equitable development and a team from the Philly office who will introduce us to one of their local arts partners, Spiral Q. Lynne McCormack, the National Director for Creative Placemaking at LISC and NAS alum, will tell us more about how folks from the fields of community development and arts are working together to strengthen communities.

Special thanks to Lynne McCormack, Rebecca Chan, Kathy Mouacheupao, Adam Kent, Melissa Kim, David Ferris, Jennifer Turnbull and Liza Goodell

Community Development Tools

Introduction to Adam Kent of LISC DC (4:32)
The LISC Toolbox: Real Estate (2:04)
The LISC Toolbox: Loans (3:26)
The LISC Toolbox: Grants (2:46)
The LISC Toolbox: What to Consider (2:42)
Measuring Change in Community Development (7:57)
Equitable Development (12:18)

How LISC Works with Cultural Organizations

Introduction to Melissa Kim and David Ferris of LISC Philadelphia (5:57)
LISC and Spiral Q (2:09)
Meet Spiral Q (6:07)
The Spiral Q Approach (5:55)
Transformational Partnerships (7:28)

Creative Placemaking: Where Culture and Community Development Meet

Introduction to Lynne McCormack, Director of Creative Placemaking at LISC (2:08)
LISC and Creative Placemaking (4:13)
Impact of Creative Placemaking (10:19)
The Artist’s Role (2:22)
Cross-sector Partnerships (6:10)